Tips on Selecting the Best Wedding Limos

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If you are interested in booking wedding limos then we have some great news for you, we have dedicated this article on what we believe are some of the best ways to select a superior limo company for an upcoming wedding. To set the expectation right from the start we are not going to recommend any particular wedding limo service provider so don’t worry about us being biased, the goal is to make your overall experience a very conducive one.

Finding Suitable Wedding Limo Companies

There are some people out there who believe that all they need to do is go online and Google wedding limo companies and they just pick from the top of the list. While that approach can work for impulse shopping you should never risk the most important day in your life or someone else to a random online search, you have to screen these limo companies now that you have time.

  • Does the limo company focus primarily on weddings or do they do other events? The majority of limo companies are available for hire no matter the occasion but there are some that focus primarily on weddings and those should go to the top of your list. These limo companies should know how important a wedding is and make sure they are providing their clients with a top tier experience, that should be the goal but you have to find out who can meet that goal.
  • How many weddings has the limo company worked on in the last year? Usually when reviewing limo companies, they talk about how many years they have been doing this but that is ambiguous, you want to know how many weddings they worked on in the last year. The higher this number is the more information you will have when trying to determine whether this wedding limo company is going to be one that you can rely on.

After you have established which of these limo companies have worked on the largest number of weddings in the past few years you can visit their website and find out what they are going to charge you. Each limo company is able to charge whatever they want for their services and you cannot immediately think that higher costs mean better experiences. What you have to work out is how the wedding limo company bills for their services, is it by the distance traveled or by the amount of time you book them for? This is something you should always get in writing so there are no misunderstandings in the future. While reading over the quote you should note what the fees are if you wanted to extend the time out with the limo or if you wanted to drive somewhere outside the original area you specified at the time of booking. All of these variables can impact the total price you pay for the limo service so you have to clarify now so there are no shocks when it comes time to pay.

Additional Items to Consider When Booking a Limo for a Wedding

How many people will be in the group traveling for the wedding? You should always budget a few extra seats in case something happens and you need to ferry around those individuals, the last thing you want to face is a scenario where there are people who want to travel around but don’t have room in the limo. When you have sorted out how many much seating you will need the next thing to look at is the fleet of limos that are available, is there something that captures your interest? The type of limo you select is a matter of personal preference so look at the fleet of limos that are available and select the one that is going to best match your tastes.

After you have selected the type limo you prefer the next thing you should find out is whether the limo is going to come stocked with alcohol and snacks? There are some limo service providers that will include these features with their flat fee however there are some limo companies will charge an additional fee so that is something to consider. Another item that has to be discussed is the gratuity that will be paid to the driver, is that something that you pay out of your pocket in cash to the driver or on the official invoice? This should be worked out prior to booking the limo just to make your life easier.

The next step you have to do is look at the popularity of the limo company just to get helpful insight into the viability of the firm. One great way to establish this is to look over all of the reviews that have been posted online. To find this information you could use the search engines and do a search on the limo company. While reviewing all of the feedback that was left on the Internet it would provide you with a great baseline on whether this particular limo company is going to be a viable prospect.

Now the last thing you have to do once you have completed all of this research is to book the limo way in advance of the anticipated wedding. The best limo companies are booked well in advance so it would be smart to be proactive and book the limo now. For added peace of mind you may consider getting a backup limo just in case the first one does not show up. To do this you could make a deposit on the backup limo and if you don’t need them then you do not get the deposit back but you will be happy to know that when the wedding day comes you will have the limo.

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